Gold Application Preparation


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    Acquiring the bronze accreditation is a confirmation that the operator upholds good practice and comply with the pre-requisites set out by FORS standard. Operators can demonstrate this by practicing FORS standard to your supply chain and enhancing the operation.

    To Apply

    Operators need to maintain both their bronze and silver accreditations and there must be a minimum of 45 days left on both the Bronze and Silver accreditations when submitting for Gold accreditation for the first time. For renewal of Gold accreditation there must be 45 days left on all three that is bronze, silver and gold accreditation.

    On successful application the operator will receive a copy of FORS gold electronic certificate.

    Similarly, once you receive gold accreditation you will need to retake the bronze audit every two years while simultaneously maintaining your silver and gold accreditation.

    We at Paramount Transport Consultants will assist you with first time gold applications or re-application for Gold Accreditation.