ADR (Dangerous Goods)


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    Drivers carrying such dangerous goods need to have an ADR and PPE kit that covers the driver’s personal health and safety in the incident of the driver being at the direct risk of hazardous substance. This ADR kit can include but not limited to gloves, boots, eyewash, and chemical suit along with other necessary ADR equipment pertaining to different type of dangerous goods.

    The presence of such a kit will give the driver the support if in an event of being stopped by VOSA or police allowing the driver to display compliance with the latest ADR regulations thus saving time and penalties.

    In terms of ADR being complaint with the law and regulations set out for dangerous or hazardous goods is of utmost important. The Paramount Transport Consultants will not only help you stay compliant but give you recommendations on ADR kits, vehicle equipment and markings that will help you always stay on top of your game.

    We will guide you through the entire process of what type of goods will you be carrying.

    If your vehicles have the appropriate ADR equipment/fire extinguishers/wheel chocks/signage.

    Similarly, Vehicle marking can be tedious.

    The Paramount Transport Consultants will aid you in obtaining markings for the sides of your vehicles, if to display the UN code of ADR dangerous goods transportation.

    Paramount is here t help you every step of the way for you to be complaint!